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Please fill out the Online Registration Form below. Class sizes are limited and preferences are honored by registration arrival. Camp schedule, songbook, and other information will be given to the camper when they arrive at camp. Forms and payment are due by Friday, June 29th 2018. Payment details will be sent by email once registration form is completed. Cards, Checks, & Cash Accepted.

Campers will be taking a different instrument class during each Block for a total of three instrument classes, plus a band class. Although the student will only be taking three classes, please indicate your top choice of insturment on the Registration Form. We will make every effort to give each student his or her top choice for the camp.

Please spend a few moments on the Registration Form to tell us about musical ability: How many years the camper has played, favorite songs, what songs currently working on, other capabilities, and goals for camp. Fill this out in the “Additional Comments” section.

Tuition: $165.00

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