Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out these commonly asked questions:

Q: Is there any leeway on the age of the camper, or do they have to be between 8 and 17?
A: If the camper is close to the age range or has already been playing, we would consider letting them in the camp.

Q: With the new Hand Drum/Rhythm Track, do I need to bring my own drum?
A: No, Drums and Rhythm instruments will be provided. If you do own your own Djembe or other hand drum, you may bring it!!

Q: Where is this camp located?
A: The camp is located at Historic Roseberry Townsite, just 1 mile East of Donnelly, Idaho.

Q: Does my camper need a sleeping bag?
A: Nope. This is a day camp for musical instruction. No sleep overs, sorry.

Q: Do I need to pack my camper lunch each day?
A: Yes! Students need to bring their own sack lunch and water bottle and any snacks they may want.  Coolers will be available. Water refills will be available.

Q: What are the Forms I need to fill out as a parent or guardian for my camper?
A: We will need both the Online Registration Form filled out, plus a Release Form that needs to be printed and filled out completely and turned in on the first day of camp. Here is the link to each from necessary: REGISTRATION FORM | RELEASE FORM

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